I’M steven Loyens

Engineer, Actuary, Automation Expert and Coach

Helping You Get Your Life Back By Automating Admin

Simple Click-Of-a-Button Automation Solutions

Our philosophy: Use tools you already have but use them properly. There is no need to invest in expensive solutions if simple solutions suffice! All it takes is someone who can show you what can be done with simple solutions. That someone is SCOBAS.

Owning and Being the Solution

We also strongly believe in you being an essential part to the solution. We can build it and you can maintain and tweak it. We coach you through the whole process so that you can work independently and your solution is future-proof. Of course, we are available for Q&A.

Helping You Achieve Success

Get Your Life Back.

Don't Waste Time On Admin!

We know that you're fed up with having to do admin that is stopping you from doing the job you really love, or from spending time with family and friends. We are there every step of the way towards you getting your life back.

Simple Solutions Tailored To YOUR needs

Coaching You As A Vital Part Of The Solution

Q&A, Training Videos, One-on-One's & Group Sessions

Simple Solutions

There is no need to invest in expensive solutions if simple solutions suffice!

You Are Part Of The Solution

Simple solutions are easy to use and maintain. We coach you through that process so you can work independently and your solution is future-proof.

Help Is Here When Needed

As part of the coaching programme, we provide Q&A sessions, Training Videos, One-on-One's & Group Sessions.

Automate More Of Your Admin

Once you master your solution you will realise the power of simple solutions and will see more parts of your admin that can be automated. We would love to help you along that journey too!

What Is Automation Coaching?

Who is Coaching For?

Automation Coaching focusses on coaching a non-technical user through a simple automation solution so that the user can independently, but with help if needed, maintain and tweak the solution to their own needs, thus future-proofing the solution.

Our solutions most naturally fit Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners or staff who don't have access to investment in expensive technology, but we'd love to help anyone who is interested in using simple solutions to make life easier.

Simple Automation Solutions

Non-Technical Audience

Maintain and Tweak Your Own Solutions

Future-proof Your Own Solutions

Natural Fit For SME Owners And Staff

About Me

I am a Senior Executive, Actuary, Economist, Engineer, Small Business Owner and an experienced automation manager and trainer and I help people in business to develop crucial automation skills assisting them with automating processes and boosting productivity and efficiency and speeding up and enriching their careers.

I've automated and managed the automation of numerous processes in my 20+ years in the Financial Industry. I've provided numerous courses with tons of great feedback.

I'm very pleased to put all that experience and knowledge to good use by helping the SME sector, who traditionally have not had the benefit of substantial budgets for training or investment and therefore usually struggle with admin.

I've learned over the years that simple solutions can go a very long way, if only there was someone who could show what simple solutions can do for SMEs. That someone is me and it puts a smile on my face!


"Well done, buddy. I like your offer. I've been in the construction industry a long time and see the value of what you are offering. Good stuff!"

Liam G. 28 May 2022

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